Since its creation, DHUNE collaborates supports and brings its expertise to many projects in the service of research and care for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

the “NeuroSchool” University Research School

On October 24th, the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research announced that it has chosen the nEURo * AMU project for the creation of a University Research School (EUR). Funding of approximately € 10 million over 10 years to run NeuroSchool alongside DHUNE and other partners. (…)
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The Hospital-University Research Project (RHU) EPINOV

Each year, thousands of patients suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy undergo heavy brain surgery with a success rate of up to 50% due to the poor localization of epileptogenic focus to be removed. The teams of EPINEXT and DHUNE focused on the subject in order to significantly improve the visualization and better be able to guide surgeries, within the framework of a Hospital-University Research Project (RHU) called “EPINOV” (5, 8 Million €).
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