Our axes of work

The coordination of the different teams

DHUNE’s mission is to build bridges between basic research, clinical research, social sciences, neuroscience, neuroimaging teams, education, and private companies involved in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

The program mobilizes a large concentration of multidisciplinary experts who benefit from a real complementarity of the different structures and pool their platforms and resources towards a common goal: the fight against neurodegenerative diseases to achieve concrete results in less than 5 years

Improved Care

DHUNE aims to optimize the clinical diagnosis to improve the management of patients with neurodegenerative diseases and the organization of care.

Teams collaborate for a better understanding of genetic factors, molecular and cellular physiopathology to optimize the prediction of the natural evolution of these diseases, identify appropriate treatments and promote the proper use of drugs.

Biomarkers identification and Modelisation

DHUNE seeks to identify new biomarkers for the different neurodegenerative diseases, coupled with modeling thanks to brain imaging (virtual brain) to better understand the common and different neurobiological data between neurodegenerative diseases.

DHUNE benefits from exceptional means, high-tech equipment such as the MRI 7T, the only device of this type available in hospitals in France, the PET scanner and the Gamma Knife; and the help of expert structures such as the Clinical Investigation Center

Pharmocology and Innovative Therapies

DHUNE encourages the development of innovative individualized therapies adapted to each type of patient and their environment.

The program seeks to optimize medication intake and evaluate their effects and actions in the patient’s daily life. Pharmacoepidemiology enables the long-term follow-up of large patient populations and allows the exploration of new hypotheses.

To better understand the daily lives of patients, involve them in their care and treatment, DHUNE has established several partnerships with patient and caregiver associations (France Alzheimer, CISS, France Parkinson, PACASEP, UNISEP …).


DHUNE plans to create a Neuroscience Business Center (NBC) on the Timone campus, which will host start-ups and more mature companies dedicated to R & D, services and industrial biotechnology.

NBC will offer shared facilities to promote scientific breakthroughs and business growth. In the long term, it will make it possible to exploit the results industrially and to help the development and European attractiveness of the neuropole.
Clinicians, researchers, training organizations, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, will be closely associated in a multidisciplinary group around common goals to advance research.

Education and Training

Supported by the A * MIDEX Foundation (Aix-Marseille University), the educational program of DHUNE aims to train a whole new generation of scientists and doctors in a interdisciplinary front-line environment in order to multiply their general and specialized skills as well as their career prospects, both nationally and internationally

This program already has the support and involvement of universities and biotechnology companies at European level and includes the optimization of the content of licenses, Masters and Doctorates in Neuroscience.

Technologies transfert

DHUNE benefits from the full support of industrial partners as well as large pharmaceutical companies (Ipsen, Sanofi) who have officially agreed to join the initiative and are part of its Expert Council.

The program has established strong links with most companies concerned with neurodegenerative diseases in the biomedical (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Siemens, GE) and pharmaceutical (Roche, Novartis, GSK, Servier, Teva, Astra Zeneca, Lundbeck, J & J, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly).
These long-term collaborations promote technology transfer, update training programs, launch new clinical trials and accelerate the release of the latest technological advances.

DHUNE is also involved in the development of new computerized tools (web interface, mobile applications) for the diagnosis, management and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.


DHUNE attaches great importance to communication with the general public and professionals concerned with neurodegenerative diseases. Its annual communication plan aims to raise awareness of these diseases, and highlight advances in basic research such as industrial initiatives that bring hope to patients and their families.